How Is Your Conversion Rate? Here Is Important Advice On How To Improve It

How is your conversion rate? Here's how to improve it...

What is a conversion rate? Let’s start with defining a conversion. It’s different for each business. Basically, it’s what you want a visitor — potential customer — to do when they land on your website. It could be:

Click here button -- a typical, generic call to action.
  • Ecommerce sales
  • Lead generation: joining and growing an email list via an enticing offer or free download — ebook, whitepaper, or video.
  • A click to call or book an appointment
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Start a free trial

A “conversion” isn’t just about making a sale — it involves any essential action a visitor takes on your website, turning them from a casual browser into a lead or customer.

A conversion can start with a paid ad on social media, a search engine, or another website. Additionally, they can start with an organic social media post or search engine result page (SERP).

What is a Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions — clicks, downloads, leads, sales, etc. — by the number of visitors to your website x 100%.

In other words, if you had 100 visits to your website in a week and you had 10 people convert, your conversion rate is 10%. That’s great! However, take a look at overall conversion rate benchmarks across several industries:

Average conversion rate by industry for 2023.
Average conversion rate by industry for 2023.

According to a study by Ruler Analytics, the average conversion rate across fourteen industries is 3.3%. This study defined a “conversion” as a qualified lead who has shown interest in products or services and is likelier to become a customer or client. Note: some of these are very general.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

If you base your goals on your industry’s conversion rates and are happy when you meet them, that’s not good enough! You should try to always improve it! Don’t settle for just making it, when things can be tweaked to make it better.

Obviously, your rate will depend on the content on your website — aka blogging, as well as your social media posting. The objective is to draw people to your website. Without visitors, you won’t have people to convert! Consequently, your website plays a key role in converting visitors into leads or sales.

That’s where the User Experience and the User Interface come in.

A bad UX and UI will cost you conversions and sales!

Capturing Leads with the Right Calls-to-action

You may think your website looks good, but if you’re getting visitors and no conversions, then it’s not working for you. A website is more than a nice online brochure! It’s your 24/7 salesperson! For instance, how far does a first-time visitor have to go to do what you want them to do — that is, convert?

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be everywhere that makes sense. At the top, in the footer, after an explanatory video, at the end of a blog post, in the sidebar, but don’t overdo it!

Set SMART Goals and Check Analytics

Naturally, if you’re just starting, you won’t have past data to work with. Thus, you have to base your goal on your industry’s average. Set your goals monthly. At the end of each month, look at your analytics and insights. They will tell you what’s working and not working. If you met or surpassed your goal, then what you’re doing is working — keep it up! Your next month’s goal should be a bit higher. If your conversions fell short of the average, then you must analyze what went wrong.

Here’s a video to help guide you in determining that…

In summary, set goals and plan marketing campaigns month-to-month. That way, they’re easier to handle and analyze. It’s OK to repost content that worked — that is, drove people to your website. Social likes, comments, and shares are great and they do help with reach and exposure, however, they are vanity metrics. Naturally, what you want are those website visitors and ultimately, conversions!

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