Video: How to Use Hashtags to Effectively Market Your Business

How to use hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere! Even on YouTube! Use them consistently to brand your social media posts. Naturally, it helps to have a strategy. You can create your own hashtags or use generic trending ones. If someone clicks on a hashtag, all the posts with that hashtag come up.

How to Use Hashtags to Market Your Business on Social Media

Using hashtags helps you get seen by people who don’t know or follow you, but are interested in the topic. It’s a great way to gain followers.

Tips on Creating Your Own

  • Use your major keywords or phrases, like #HealthyAging or #PositiveParenting. Begin with Keyword Research. Use the free Google Keyword Tool, or I can do it for you!
  • They don’t work with just numbers. For instance, #2024 doesn’t work. You have to add a word to it: #2024HealthTips
  • They are not case-sensitive, so capitalize the first letter of each word of a phrase. That makes it easy for the human reader to see them.
  • They are exact, so #HealthyAging is different from #AgingHealthy.
  • They only use numbers and letters. As soon as you add a symbol or a space, it ends the hashtag.
  • Don’t hashtag every word in a sentence. This is a no-no: #Use #hashtags #correctly #for #maximum #effectiveness.
  • You’re limited to 30 hashtags on Instagram and Facebook
  • You’re limited to 280 characters on X (formerly Twitter). However, you can get a pro account and be able to post beyond the 280 characters.

Tips on Using Trending Hashtags

  • Plan ahead for what will be trending. I publish an article about upcoming awareness and observance days at the end of each month. You can check out the latest here.
  • Take advantage of hashtags that trend regularly on X.
  • Always check to see WHY something is trending to be sure it’s not a crisis.
  • On LinkedIn, you can add 3 hashtags to your company profile page and this will help it come up in searches for your field or industry.
  • On LinkedIn and X, users can follow hashtags or save a search for any hashtag. Search for and use the ones with a lot of followers.
You can follow hashtags on LinkedIn.
You can follow hashtags on LinkedIn and it’ll show how many followers that hashtag has.

How to Use Hashtags Effectively to Market Your Business on Social Media:

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