Do You Want to go Viral? Tell Stories that Provoke Emotions

Here’s an excellent example of a viral video for a brand who actually rejected it. It’s what’s called “user-generated content”. A fan of a product or service creates a video, on their own, without prompting by the brand. But this is not about the brand, but about the power of telling stories that provoke emotions.

About the Video:

German student, Eugen Merher, created this video in honor of a relative of his. He sent the video to Adidas, but it was rejected. So, he uploaded it to YouTube. As of this posting, it’s had over 12 million views!

I’ll let the video speak for itself – the power of telling stories…..

Don’t you just want to stand up a applaud?

Now, you’re probably thinking, “I can’t produce a video like this!” Well, the brand didn’t produce it. A fan/user did. However, you can still tell stories without going to the lengths of a full video production.

You have satisfied customers, don’t you? Tell their stories. You don’t have to use their names. Even if you’re just starting out, use fictional or hypothetical situations. No one needs to know that it’s not true. Or even a compilation of several clients.

The First 15 Seconds

The first 15 seconds are crucial. You need to catch the viewer’s attention so they’ll keep watching the video.

Remember, not every video is going to go viral. Going viral is a fluke.

Don't plan to be viral, plan to be awesome!

Testimonial videos also carry a lot of weight. People want to relate with people.

To be able to generate emotions of your target audience, you first need to really get to know them. What are their pain points? What makes them happy or sad? Here’s a free Define Your Target Market Workbook that will help you get started.

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Note: top photo is a YouTube Screenshot

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Do You Want to go Viral? Tell Stories that Provoke Emotions

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