12 LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for both job seekers and businesses, but there are rules to follow. There are things that you just don’t do. LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals and it’s nothing like Facebook.

It’s about networking.

Build your network the natural way

It’s not who you know, but who your contacts know. Most of the time, a 1st-level connection may never be a customer of yours but they may very well connect you with someone who might.

It’s also not about you, but about what you can do for a potential employer or client.

LinkedIn Don’ts

  1. Never ask for a recommendation from someone who doesn’t know you or your work.
  2. Don’t try to connect with someone you don’t know or with whom you have absolutely nothing in common.
  3. Don’t put someone down if they are not interested in your product or service. That will hurt you even more.
  4. Don’t SPAM people – that is, sending solicitations over and over again.  Your email will get flagged for SPAM and you can get kicked out of LinkedIn.
  5. Don’t upload your logo where you picture should be. Logos are for company profile pages. Your personal, professional profile pages is for you. Upload a professional-looking head shot.
You wouldn't go to a networking event with a paper bag on your head, would you?

Not having a head shot on your LinkedIn profile is like walking into a networking event with a paper bag on your head.

LinkedIn Dos

  1. Connect with people you meet at networking events
  2. Respect their wishes to not be contacted
  3. Send them 1 announcement email only. If they are interested, they’ll respond.
  4. Request a recommendation from people who know you or your work. If you need more of those types of connections, volunteer, then ask for the endorsement. A happy client, former co-worker, boss or a friend should be happy to recommend you.
  5. Write an article once a week for LinkedIn on your topic. Remember who the reader is.
  6. Share content (and not just yours!) once or twice a week to LinkedIn groups – you’ll be noticed
  7. Participate in group discussions. Put your 2-cents in, but don’t be argumentative and stay positive and don’t sell! Share!

Here are more LinkedIn tips…

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12 LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

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