SEO Tip: “Home” is not your Company Name

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tip“Home”, “About Us”, “Contact US” – these are SEO opportunities wasted.

I wrote about this back in 2010 and I still see this mistake being made! The Title of your opening web page should say your company’s name (or your name if it’s a personal site) not “Home”. And it should also say what you do.

<title>ABC Company Specializing in XYZ</title> This is the first thing Google’s spider sees when it “spiders” your site.

If your business is local, then also add your city and state.

Same thing with the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. It should read “About ABC Company” or “Contact ABC Company”.

The Google search engine picks up text and the <meta> tags. But do not abuse it! Don’t write the name over and over again in invisible text. They may be invisible to our eyes, but not to the search engines and they will ignore obvious SPAM tactics.

Giselle Aguiar
AZ Social Media Wiz


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