Customer Service and Social Media: Are You Losing Sales?

Customer service is now in real-time. With the increased use of social media, people are more likely to tweet a question or post a complaint on Facebook before picking up the phone. It’s up to the businesses to monitor their social media – either their brand, user name, or a hashtag.

Be Where Your Customers Are

People spend a lot of time on social media. If they come across your business profile on a social network, they’re more than likely — if they have a question — ask it right then and there.

The Social Savvy Consumer

They’re not going to go look for your website link, then search for your contact page or find your email address to send you a message. No, they’re going to message you from the network. Wait too long to respond and they’ll go elsewhere and the network may ding you for slow response rate — Facebook does that. On Facebook, you can earn a badge for a quick response rate. They even say on pages, “Responds within x number of hours.” HOURS not days.

Now, people will understand if it’s a weekend that you probably won’t respond until normal business hours, however, if you happen to get a message on the weekend, it will impress them if you do respond even if it’s just “Hi, I got your message. I’ll respond when I get to the office.” Or “Thanks for your inquiry. I’ll get back to you on Monday.”

If you’re not monitoring your social media DAILY, you may lose a customer!

If you’re going to be on social media, you have to be social! Can’t be on the networks daily to monitor them? Then, set up email notifications in the settings to get an email every time someone comments or sends a message. That way, you won’t miss a crucial question that can land you a new customer or a returning one.

For Example…

One of my clients recently had someone interested in one of their events and asked if they had mentoring in that specific topic. I responded for them with, “Thank you for your interest! Yes, please visit our website… to schedule a free mentoring session and you can specifically ask for… who specializes in this.”

Yes, you can set up generic, automated responses, but had I not seen what topic this person was interested, I wouldn’t have been able to respond with exactly what she needed. Furthermore, the human touch is always better than a robot.

Customer service and social media go hand-in-hand.

Jay Baer, of Convince and Convert and author of “YouTility” did a short video:

If your social media pages are not monitored properly, a customer service request can go unnoticed for days. That’s bad. It’s crucial that you monitor activity daily on your social pages. Respond in a timely and appropriate manner to customer service inquiries, issues and complaints. Moreover, you need to diffuse the bad and highlight the good.

You can monitor and manage our social media in 30 minutes a day! I can show you how.

Social Media 1:1 coaching & training

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Customer Service and Social Media: Are You Losing Sales?
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