What is Evergreen Content and Why Do You Need it?

What is Evergreen Content?

When you think of an “evergreen”, you think of pine trees. They are called evergreen because they are green all year long. They don’t lose their leaves in the fall. I grew up in Upstate New York and my mom loved them.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is timeless.

Evergreen content is blog articles or videos that are timeless. No matter what month, year or season, the topic is relevant, makes sense and is interesting to the reader or viewer.

For instance, my articles on what’s going to be trending in September and Now’s the Time to Start Planning for Holiday Sales are not evergreen content and would not be relevant in March. Thus, I wouldn’t want my plugin, Revive Old Posts, to keep posting those to Twitter and Facebook after they’re no longer viable. (That’s a cool plugin that automatically and randomly shares blog posts to Twitter and Facebook — for free — and to the other networks in the upgrade.)

Revive Old Posts excluded
Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin — excluding tags

The last thing I want is to see a post on how social media helped Hurricane Harvey survivors shared now. I don’t want to delete the article — which I could — because it’s a good story and it may very well help in the next natural disaster. Most importantly, you don’t want to look stupid — and I’ve seen it on other people’s social networks.

When to Delete Obsolete Content or Edit it

Now, there are times when you want to delete obsolete or outdated content. For example, I’ve deleted all blog posts on Google Plus, because it’s gone.

Sometimes the article may just need to be edited or updated. I’ve done that with some of my Facebook ones.

Moreover, on WordPress and most blogging platforms, you can change the published date to a more recent date so it looks like it’s brand new.

Why You want Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is like the little black dress.

Evergreen Content is like that little black dress — timeless. Wear it to work or out for cocktails. To a casual date or a fancy party.

Furthermore, Evergreen Content can be shared anywhere and at anytime.

  • You can recycle it in emails, if pertinent.
  • Send it to a customer who needs as an answer to a question.
  • Share it on Quora.
  • Use a plugin like Revive Old Posts to get the content out there to draw new visitors to your website and help with your SEO. Note: don’t use Revive Old Posts until you have at least 20 blog articles published. You don’t want to share the same thing over and over again. Start with sharing every 6 hours, then as you write more content, you can share more often.
  • Schedule them out with a tool like Buffer or TweetDeck.
  • Use them as promos.
  • Use them to reply to people in groups.

Time-Saver Hint: I have a notepad (text file) with links to my evergreen posts, which makes it easy to copy and paste.

So, what are you waiting for?!

The more you blog, the more visitors you will attract to your site and the more impressed Google will be with your authority on the topics.

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